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My name is Vicki.

Here's my story

Throughout my life, my loved ones were affected by diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Pancreatic Cancer, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, to name a few. Through this, a desire grew to figure out why this was happening and how I could stop it from happening to myself, my family, and friends—fueled by the need to make a difference any way I knew how. Flash forward.

I found myself leading the healthiest lifestyle I could while pursuing athletics. I knew that if I could conquer health in my own body, I could find a way to help others. The journey I embarked on consisted of 6 Ironman races, 1 Ironman World Championship, 1 Boston Marathon, 1 USA Masters Weightlifting Record, and a 120-mile Ultra Marathon Race. I won’t even mention the endless hours spent practicing, training, small races, and other events I achieved to perform at the highest level my body would and could allow. (Trust me I asked it)

Where it all began...


At 35 years old, I noticed I was constantly cold and battled serious fatigue. I always felt like I could sleep more and I never felt rested. My skin was very dry plus I realized my hair seemed to be falling out more than usual. I started gaining weight around my midsection even after exercising 5 days a week. After visiting my medical doctor and running a series of tests I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Beginning the start of lifelong medication but this was a symptom. What was the root cause of this disease?

Over-exercising to lose weight

In my 30’s and 40’s I found myself continually exercising. Exercising to the point of OVER exercising. My philosophy was to try and “out train my poor nutritional habits”. I had the mindset, the more I exercised the more junk I could eat. Wow, was I wrong! All I was doing was stressing my body and increasing the release of cortisol within.  Our bodies don’t know the difference between exercise stress and normal stress. Therefore creating increased inflammation in my body, besides all the damage I was doing by eating food loaded with chemical additives and preservatives.


At a young age, I started experiencing symptoms of PERIMENOPAUSE. What? I was only 40 years old. How could this be? I experienced breast tenderness, night sweats, irregular periods, low sex drive and UTI’s. Why was I having these symptoms? Could it be because the food I was eating was loaded with synthetic hormones?

Becoming an Empty-Nester

Oh my gosh, 45 years old brought on a whole new world for me. My only daughter moved away to attend college 4 states away. After 18 years of having a constant companion, I was now experiencing my life without her. What will life be like now? How will I connect with my husband? So many new transitions and adjustments. This is the beginning of a new journey and experiences. 

What it lead me to...

Along this path of athletic self-discovery, I wanted to share my passion and help others push themselves to perform at their highest levels as well. I then spent 20 years as a Personal Trainer, achieved my Cross fit Levels 1 and 2, enjoyed seven years as a Cross fit Coach, assisted a Junior Olympic Cross Country Team, and became a private Ironman Triathlon coach. Sharply exhales. Although these achievements filled a space in my life (and look good on paper), I still found myself coming back to the question of “HOW DO I GET RID OF DISEASE?”. I came to learn that exercise is almost nothing without proper fuel, so I dove feet first into the deep end of nutrition. Through my lovely friend (Hi, Jess), I found the Nutritional Therapy Association, where I learned how to analyze a daily lifestyle pattern to find the root cause of individual diseases. 

As I completed my coursework, I found a new passion…I became Hot for Holistics. This passion finally allowed me to answer the big questions I’ve been asking: Where does disease come from? How can we prevent illness? Is it too late to prevent illness?, etc. Well, what are the answers to these questions, you might be asking? Don’t shout into the computer I might reply, and tell you that the answer is really just nutrition and lifestyle. AH HA! It’s what we eat and how we live that determines how our genes are expressed. Good news, people! It means that we have control over our health, and there is so much that we can do to prevent disease! (and the crowd goes wild)

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